Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

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Cyrex Laboratories Array #11 measures antibody production (IgG/IgA/IgM) against a dozen different chemicals and heavy metals.



  • Aflatoxins
  • Formaldehyde + Glutaraldehyde
  • Isocyanate
  • Trimellitic + Phthalic Anhydrides
  • Benzene Ring Compounds
  • BPA Binding Protein
  • Bisphenol A
  • Tetrabromobisphenol A
  • Tetrachloroethylene
  • Parabens
  • Mercury Compounds
  • Mixed Heavy Metals (Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic)



  • Test Type: Blood (1 vial)


Additional Info:

  • Only 1 test kit is needed for multiple Arrays.
  • Cyrex freezes the submitted blood sample for 90 days. In that time frame, if you’d like you run another Array, the lab can use that same sample.
  • The test cannot be done in New York state. The client’s address can be in New York, but the blood must be drawn in CT, NJ, PA, etc.
  • If you use one of the draw sites Cyrex contracts with, there is no additional fee for the blood draw (note: contracted sites will NOT draw blood for individuals under 15 years of age). However, you may have your blood drawn at a location of your choice such as a local hospital lab. Just be aware that there will be likely be a small fee for this service.
  • The turnaround time for testing is 14 days from the time the sample arrives at the lab.
  • Canada: The client will be responsible for finding a blood draw location and return shipping. 2-day shipping is always recommended for International shipments, but the lab only rejects samples that were drawn longer than 10 days prior to it receiving them. Be sure to include the CDC permit and label.

    Advantages of this test: 

    While other heavy metal tests measure the levels of metals in the hair or urine (with or without a provoking agent), this test tells you perhaps even more valuable information – whether or not the metals (regardless of their actual levels in the body) are causing a problem for that particular individual. For example, an HTMA or urine test might show “normal” levels, so the conclusion might be made that metals are not a problem for that individual or that we can’t tell if metals are a problem because we’re not seeing a true picture of body burden and there could be higher levels sequestered in the body. But, with this Cyrex panel, if there are elevated antibodies, we definitely *know* that metals are causing problems. There can even be situations where the metals levels aren’t even all that elevated, but the individual is highly sensitive and reacting to even these “normal” levels of metals in their body. With this test, we don’t have to guess at how high is too high – if there are antibodies, the current levels (wherever they are) are too high for that individual. So, if an individual is making antibodies against a chemical/metal, you know several facts: they have been exposed to this substance, the chemical/metal is binding to tissues, and the substance is causing an immune issue.

    Common Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity Include:

    • diarrhea
    • nausea
    • abdominal pain
    • vomiting
    • shortness of breath
    • tingling in your hands and feet
    • chills
    • weakness

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    Test kit will be shipped to the home address provided. After sample collection, the blood draw location will ship your blood directly to Cyrex Labs by UPS using the bag provided with your kit (leave the kit with them and they will take care of the rest). Blood may NOT be shipped on Friday (if the blood is collected on a Friday, it must be kept refrigerated over the weekend and shipped on Monday).