• Katherine M. Larson, PhD

Peloton® and EkhartYoga Quarantine Yoga Challenge Review


Peloton® offers a variety of exercise options on their App, including yoga. This application is free for use for 90 days. After this introductory period, the Peloton® App costs $12.99/month. Overall, the instructors for these classes are excellent and vinyasa yoga flows for beginner through advanced levels are available. For me, the music selection for the yoga classes was a drawback. Outside of yoga, I love the music selection. For yoga, I found the music heavily upbeat and distracting, if you are using yoga for inner reflection. Overall, these classes are perfect for those who prefer to use yoga as an exercise as opposed to a meditative practice. The music is geared towards keeping you motivated and out of your head. Another perk to the Peloton® App is that the application offers other classes including cardio, strength, dance, and a variety of other exercise options. As an additional drawback, these classes are geared towards solely vinyasa yoga. Some restorative options are available, but the yoga is otherwise all vinyasa flow of various speeds and levels. I completed one beginner flow, two intermediate flows, and a slow flow yoga class (all from different instructors) via the Peloton® App. My experience of these classes is detailed below.


Day 5: 45 min yoga flow (03/15/20 @10:45am)

Instructor: Denis Morton

Level: Beginner

- Lots of legwork with lunges, chair, and warrior poses

- Opens warm-up with smooth jazz

Day 6: 45 min yoga flow (03/25/20 @9:30am)

Instructor: Ross Rayburn

Level: Intermediate

- Inventive flows and great warm-ups working into eight angle pose

- Instructor is fun and capable of laughing at himself which I loved

Day 7: 45 min yoga flow (03/31/20 @1:30pm)

Instructor: Anna Greenberg

Level: Intermediate

- Great and fluid transitions into hip warm-ups for working into firefly pose

- Instruction was precise, motivational, and joyful

Day 8: 45 min slow flow (04/01/20 @9:30am)

Instructor: Aditi Shah

Level: Intermediate

- Hips, twists, and postures to open the spine

- Gentle and powerful instruction; most meditative class of the 40 minute Peloton® options and a personal favorite


Unlike the Peloton App, EkhartYoga offers many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, and Kundalini, to name a few. The music selection was designed for an inward experience. I didn't find it distracting. The instructors were highly knowledgeable. Overall, this is perfect for someone looking to check-out different styles of yoga and instructors. They offer 14-days of online access to their courses for free. EkhartYoga costs $17.50 monthly from there. I was experimenting with EkhartYoga to expand my Yin yoga practice. I personally didn't love the vibe of the Yin classes as a whole. There was a joy of the practice and fluidity of transitions lacking for me overall. I did find one winter meridian class that I loved (detailed below). As a critique to my preferences, Yin practices do not require fluid transitions. However, I find fluidity extremely helpful in keeping yoga effortless and reflective. I completed 4 Yin yoga practices (all from different instructors). My experience of these classes is detailed below.


Day 5: Balance your energy body

Instructor: Jose de Groot

- Hamstrings, hips, and spine

- Mix of standing and seated postures; very instructional teaching style

Day 6: Morning preliminaries

Instructor: Joey Miles

- Hamstrings, hips, and spine

- Most postures completed laying down with feet against wall for increased activation; strap suggested; very instructional teaching style

Day 7: Subtle involution: Restorative practice

Instructor: David Lurey

- Hamstrings and hips

- Most postures completed laying down; two blocks and a strap highly suggested; very instructional teaching style

Day 8: Winter meridian boost

Instructor: Marcel van de Vis Heil

- Focus on meridians for kidney, bladder, stomach, and heart

- Postures completed seated, laying on back, and laying on stomach; instructional style not just on postures but also on chi flow resulting from postures.

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