• Katherine M. Larson, PhD

COVID-19 Quarantine Yoga Challenge! 40-Days, 40-Minutes of Yoga Asanas!


If you are anything like me, exercising indoors with consistency is extremely challenging! I love yoga and am a dual-certified instructor with experience in the practice. Even so, I often have thoughts of drop-kicking my computer 10-minutes into an online yoga video. With doing practices solo and at home, I have found it challenging to keep myself going. After all, nobody is holding me accountable but me. And when the going gets tough, I question my commitment. My mind goes to "why did I think this was a good idea?" or "do I really need to do this now?" or "maybe I can do this later?" Yet, if I push through those thoughts and commit, I find myself ending my practice feeling energized, motivated, joyful, and free. You can too!


Finding decent yoga practices can be difficult! There are many styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Ashtonga, Kundalini, Restorative, etc.) and an abundance of free offerings on the internet. How do you find a practice that works for you? Where should you start? To support those of you inspired to embark on this 40-day journey with me, I decided to level up the challenge for myself and share a short review of the yoga practices I completed! Below please find reviews of the yoga practices I used for Days 1-4 of my challenge.


My first 4 yoga practices were from "The Practice" by Annie Clarke. Annie offers a monthly membership for 15 euros ($16.50 US) that includes an intention for the month, 4 new yoga practices and a Spotify playlist geared towards that intention, 1 new meditation, and access to previous monthly recordings. The intention this month was SPRING CLEANING. I completed her 4 practices (3 Vinyasa & 1 Yin) entitled "Strengthen & energize," "Twist it out," "From the inside out, " and "Let it go." Each yoga practice was an average of 50 minutes.

Annie has a very meditative style focused on incorporating breath with movement. Her practices are recorded without music. She provides a monthly playlist to go with her practices for those who prefer music to go along with their asanas. Overall, I loved her vibe! Her vinyasa flows were gentle but inventive. Her yin practice was calming and restorative. These practices are great for all levels. However, for those looking for a power yoga practice (lots of movement, lots of poses, lots of core work), this would not be the right fit for you. For those of you looking for a nice, inventive flows that focus on yoga as a moving meditation more than as a workout, please check out her website HERE.


Day 1: Strengthen & energize

- Lots of leg work and chair poses

- Great for strengthening and grounding

Day 2: From the inside out

- Seated postures held for a longer period of time; minimal motion; very meditative

- Great for depth and calming the mind

Day 3: Let it go

-Lots of backbends

-Lots of alternate nostril breath work

Day 4: Twist it out

- Lots of twists incorporating seated, standing, and lunging postures.

- Great for detoxing and moving stuck energy


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